Thoughts on the Yang Ming-Tai Yin dynamics

The dynamics of Yang Ming and Tai Yin conformations embodies the Yin-Yang dynamics of opposing forces which support, complement and depend on each other.

The Yang Ming is the only internal conformation among the 3 Yang conformations. The nature of Yang is to rise and expand, however in the Yang Ming the Yang converges and moves downward. This dynamics of the Yang Ming of closing of the Yang, gathers the force contained within the Yang, enabling the body to draw from this immense and tantalizing force.

The name “Yang Ming” expresses the quality of the intensity of this conformation: the bright, luminous Yang. The hours when the Yang Ming peaks, detailed in line 193, are 15:00-21:00. These are the hours when the sun is lower in the sky and setting, the creatures of the world are gathering and settling into the night. The movement of the Yang Ming is a reflection of this movement of the sun. The radiating heat of the sun is being contained deep inside the body. This can be understood through the characteristic quality of sea water. During the midday when the sun is shining high in the sky and heat of the day is at its peak, the sea water is cold. In the afternoon and into the evening, when the sun is setting, the sea water is warm after soaking up the warmth of the sun during the day.

The Tai Yin is the only externally oriented conformation among the Yin conformations. The nature of Yin is to gather and descend, however in the Tai Yin the Yang disperses and ascends. This dynamics of the Tai Yin of opening of the Yang, spreads nourishment derived from the Yang and makes it available throughout the body.

The name “Tai Yin” expresses the productive quality of this conformation, where resources derived from the external environment are processed and transformed into the substances necessary for bodily functions. The hours when the Tai Yin peaks, detailed in line 275, are 21:00-03:00. These are the hours when the sun has set and the world has begun to rest. Inside the body, these are hours of important activity. It is interesting to compare the hours and function of the Tai Yin to the growth hormone. The growth hormone is secreted between 22:00-02:00, its functions are related to what we might refer to as the realm of post-natal Jing: it stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, supporting growth and development in children, and processes of maintenance and rehabilitation in adults.

The relationship between these two conformations is what maintains our bodies’ ability to regulate the Yin and Yang forces of the universe with the Yin and Yang forces within our body, a dynamics crucial to the health of the body.

The nature of Yang is to ascend towards the sky, the nature of Yin is to descend towards the ground.

This is the Taiji symbol that illustrates this cosmic Yin-Yang dynamics:

Taiji symbol

Yang is above, Yin is below.

However, in order to sustain life there needs to be a stronger bond holding them together. The body needs to be able to draw inward the cosmic Yang from above and levitate the cosmic Yin from below. There needs to be a force pulling down the Yang and gathering it into the body, allowing it to be physically manifested; and a force pulling up the Yin allowing it to spread and circulate.

This is the Taiji symbol that illustrates the Yin-Yang dynamics within the body:

Yang is below, Yin is above.

Yang Ming is the force which enables the body to lower and assemble the Yang, containing it and leading it into the Yin dimension. Tai Yin is the force which enables the body to activate and arouse the Yin, opening the Yin into the Yang dimension.
This dynamics of Yin and Yang creates a cyclic motion that constantly generates qi and powers the internal body circulation.

Physiologically, the closing and containing of Yang Ming provides the force, heat and motion necessary for digestion and metabolic processes. The opening of the Tai Yin and the regulation with the Yang Ming, enables reception of these essential elements from the environment to be used for production, nourishment maintenance and repair of the body’s structures.

Pathologically, disease of the Tai Yin will stem from lack of regulation of Yang influence manifesting in digestive and metabolic deficiencies, as well as physical and emotional weakness with difficulty to cope with the demands of rehabilitation from trauma, disease or life crisis, and in extreme cases difficulty to cope with the demands of daily life. This will often lead to behavioral patterns of withdrawal and avoidance.
Disease of Yang Ming will stem from lack of regulation of Yin influence leading to aggressive and explosive Yang reactions manifesting as excess heat conditions with consuming and self-destructive dynamics, examples including excessive inflammatory processes and violent and eruptive behavioral patterns.

Formulas that treat each conformation, serve to guide the dynamics back to its healthy course. Formulas that treat the Yang Ming are cold, thus clearing the excessive heat, and restore the fluid downward movement which was disrupted by the heat. This will allow Yang Ming to properly communicate with Tai Yin.
Formulas that treat Tai Yin are warm, strengthening and provide dispersing and ascending motion, allowing it to reconnect with Yang Ming.

When the cycle is restored, the healing processes will ensue.


  1. Thanks. A figurative and well-succinct explanation of such an important interaction.


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